A modern accommodation with all the comforts you need, while with a splendor of ancient days and with history present. Whether you visit us during the intense summer period or during the wonderful low season, we want to be able to offer you accommodation where you can relax and gather energy and then explore our beautiful island.

In our state-of-the-art houses and apartments, there are a variety of options for how you enjoy the stay.

Feel free to choose whether you prefer self-service or are you would rather we take care of cooking and cleaning. In our restaurant we offer everything from a continental breakfast to dinner and drinks in the evening.

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In 1925, the Red Cross inaugurated its new orphanage by the water in Stora Frö. The land was donated by landowners in the village. The orphanage took care of healthy children from homes where family members had tuberculosis. With the invention and distribution of penicillin, TBC became curable, and the orphanage transformed into an infant home. Newborn babies from Kalmar Hospital, whose mothers could not take care of them, were taken to live at Stora Frö, before transitioning to foster care or adoptive parents. However, as the tradition of forcing mothers to relinquish children became obsolete, the property evolved into a place used for civil defense.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, those activities declined. As a result, the organization turned the facility into a hostel during the 90s. In the late 90s, the Red Cross sold the property to Ewert and Maivor Karlsson, who launched a hotel business on the land. Since this time, Stora Frögården has a hotel and conference facility.

BRF Stora Frögården

In the autumn of 2021, work began on creating BRF Stora Frögården. The 33 rooms in the complex were converted into apartments during the winter of 2021 and spring 2022. Thirteen modern, semi-detached holiday homes were also tastefully renovated. Since its original mission of helping orphans, the homes have made a significant contribution to the area and now provide modern accommodations to guests who visit Stora Frögården .

All units are owned by private individuals who work with the management company to rent out to guests who want to explore beautiful Öland. We do everything possible to make visitors comfortable during the stay and provide exceptional accommodations. Guests are never far from the majestic sea, because Stora Frögården offers apartments or cottages with most units facing the Kalmar Strait.